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Get Over Yourself,
Decide to Lead

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Get Over Yourself, Decide to Lead: Insights from Hard Lessons Learned

This book is for anyone who desperately wants to be a better leader but doesn’t know how to develop the skills necessary for strong, principled leadership. 

In this easy and entertaining read, Wayne Strickland reflects on the lessons he's learned over his forty years in executive leadership. In both light-hearted and poignant anecdotes, Wayne shares his successes as well as his mistakes in an honest effort to help emerging leaders learn and develop. Wayne shares: 

  • The importance of embracing and building upon your past experiences and skills
  • Crucial communication skills to improve your team’s efficiency and productivity
  • Decision-making skills that promote clarity and put an end to friction
  • Insights into creating balance and boundaries between your professional and personal life
  • The necessity of exercising courage in business
  • A passion for continued growth and development
  • Real-life convictions that helped shape his leadership philosophy   

Wayne credits his long tenure as a leader to having a well-defined leadership philosophy built on key principles that guides his thoughts and actions every single day. Reflecting on his own philosophy and how it took shape, Wayne offers invaluable insights into what it truly takes to be a leader. 

Whether you’re new to the workforce or an accomplished veteran, you’ll find nuggets of wisdom in Get Over Yourself, Decide to Lead that will undoubtedly resonate, regardless of where you are in your own career.


What people are saying about the book ...

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Your candidness and wit really resonate...authentic. Our generation (Millennials) love hearing that we can embrace our own work style and relate that to our leadership.
— Emily Sullivan, Product Manager

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It’s easy to be heads down in what we’re trying to accomplish every day, this was a nice pause to think about my own brand.
— Jan Fogarty, Product Manager-Digital
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Very valuable, especially your nits.
— Emily Bordner, Merchandising Designer and Entrepreneur

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Knew you were a great leader, but wow, that was brilliant! You really inspired me to be better.
— Angel Fabrizius, Creative Strategist

Wayne has spent a career engaging people. He welcomes the opportunity to motivate you and your teams to create the competitive intelligence and improve how you lead yourself, your teams and the market.