Lessons Learned with a Loaded Gun at My Back

Skills I learned while working my way through college gave me off to a fast start in corporate America and gave me confidence later in my career to be tough, resourceful and the determination to get deals done.

As leaders one of our top responsibilities is to build the best team possible. When you are looking through all the resumes be sure to look closely at what people did outside the classroom. I am certain they do not teach this at the big brand schools.

This is a True Story. The story of a college Repo Man.

Happy Birthday to Me

I learned an important lesson on this job on my twenty-second birthday, January 18, 1978. My buddy, Don, and I received a call to repossess a pickup truck in Farmington, Arkansas. The address we were given was “somewhere along a rural route,” and as our boss was giving us the details over the phone, he said, “The place is a little bit of a cult.”

“What exactly do you mean, a little bit of a cult?” I asked.

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Are You a Risk Taker or Reckless?

In my 38 years in Corporate America I found myself taking calculated risks and being reckless.  The reckless decisions were painful and expensive and took a long time to recover and get back on track.  It’s easy to see in hindsight which ones was which but at the time I did not know if it was risky or reckless.  This article is written to help you figure it out before you make a reckless decision.

The key questions to ask yourself

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